Portfolio Solutions

After publishing the document reflecting the GICI vision by the end of 2015, a new catalogue with solutions for smart cities is under construnction to show the national offering. In order to gather the needed information, the following form has been developed to collect the different solutions under one unique portfolio to be distributed among the most relevant stakeholders, mainly cities, and to be widespread internationally. The main objective of GICI is to offer a complete catalogue of offerings and best practices to potential stakeholders.

This so-called portfolio is presented in a dynamic way, aiming to offer an easy and agile visualisation of the available technologies in Spain.

The form is split into three main sections:

  1. General data about the solution and its owner.
  2. Specific data about the solution.
  3. KPIs to measure the solution.

Each form must be fulfiled before being analysed by the assigned GICI reviewers in order to double check the scope of the solution and to identify any missing information.

Once the catalogue is finished it will be published in the official GICI website. Furthermore, all platforms participating in GICI will spread the word using their own dissemination channels.